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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  September 25, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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a rally to support the two gay men that were attacked in center city as people hurled gay slurs. they want passage of hate crime protection at the state level. there is none now in the state of pennsylvania. >> i see that two people that are in love can walk down the street and not be assaulted and not be beaten almost to death because of their sexual orientation. >> overnight three suspects of the recent center city attack all from buck county were released on bail. katheri katheri katherine knott she has been sppded from the job as an money room tech at the hospital for allegedly posting x-ray photos and making mean spirits comments
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about patient treatment on her twitter account. now they are looking to close loopholes that do not include specific measures for anti-gay violence. >> if you walk down the street and two women are holding hands or two men are holding hands, get over it and keep your hands to yourself. >> it sends a message, there is a penalty have you to pay to the tune of $2,000 and/or 90 days in prison that has the support of all city council members. they plan to pass it into law in november. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> police say that someone out there is trying to capitalize on the ongoing manhunt for a suspected cop killer. the community is on edge as eric frein eludes the police there is
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now a phone scam, there is someone calling people to ask for money to support the manhunt and the police say there is no such fundraiser, and call them if you get a call like that. >> the fbi has identify the man that killed american journalist, james foley. they have not released his name but learned the name of the executioner. the u.s. led coalition leads air strikeses against isis and iraq overnight. overnight they targeted mobile refinery, that produce oil that brings in $2 million each day for the terror group. he reminds people that is an imminent terror threat. intelligence agents uncover the plan to attack subway systems in the u.s. and paris.
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he says that isis fighters in iraq are behind it. u.s. intelligence says there is ababsolutely no truth to the report and no evidence to suggest such an attack. eric holder, the first black attorney general, announced today is he stepping down. he is on the job six years now, he had to answer some serious questions about the fight against terror and the way he did his job. he pushed to make the justice system more even handed for m e minori minorities. he will stay on in his successor is in place. adam joseph is live now inside at the big board. >> it's chilly, and damp, as we look at double scan live, the heaviest rain has moved out and it was some much needed rain in the area, we see a little bit of
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green on live double scan right now, and it's concentrated in the wrong place during an evening rush, the major routes between i-95, wilmington and trenton and the major thoroughfares around the city with some of this light drizzle. the roads are still damp despite that we don't have the heavy rain falling and all of philadelphia county now is getting wet hitting the windshield wipers as this last batch of drizzle and showers pass through. as we look at the rainfall totals, the heaviest was south and east close to the coastal storm and the poconos is just over a trace, a quarter inch in allentown and philadelphia and over two inches between atlantic city and wildwood where they have the wind driven rain, peak wind gusts in philadelphia 31 miles per hour and atlantic city closing into 40 miles per houring, the winds have eased
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since this morning and they will continue to diminish during the overnight hours. what to expect overnight, the early rain or drizzle will start to fade off the radar over the next few hours. a raw northeasterly wind continues not as strong but you'll notice it and temperatures in the 50s and if we clear out the skies, we could see patchy fog developing. we'll talk about a brighter forecast for the upcoming weekend and summer making a return. >> this morning's rain made for a wet day of classes, at one south jersey school, delsy regional high school has had a leaky roof for years, and once again when it rained, it poured inside of the build. chad pradelli is at the school where educators hope that the community will come to their rescue next week. >> reporter: hey shirleen, the delsy regional school district
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are asking for millions in bonds to fix the badly leaking roofs. officials want voters to be informed and watch the video you are about to see. >> it comes down the wall and bleeds in. >> delsy regional high school principal spent the morning mobbing up. >> his high school roof is like a faucet. buckets litter the hallways and caution signs point to where students can walk. it it's a mess to walk into building, when it rains, the worry about do we have enough buckets, are kids going to be safe. he says that band-aid repairs over the years don't work anymore, two referendums have not passed off the year and now is there is another one next week. the total cost for a new roof, roughly $2 million. >> i am worried about student safety in the hallways and worried about the structural
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integrity of the roof and worried about impacting instruction in any way shape or form. >> now it's tied to a new h vac system and other repairs for the school. the total amount is roughly $21 million, the state pays half with grants but if the public doesn't pass the referendum, they lose the money. >> i want them to know what they are voting for. >> we feel like we have incredible students here and a phenomenal teaching staff and our students and staff deserve better. >> reporter: and district officials say that property taxes won't go up if this referendum passes because of expiring debt. some voters are not happy that the roof repairs are tied to a new h vac system that they say is unnecessary.
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chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> an incredible sight all of those buckets. police in egg harbor are looking for happen to track down the p.m. that stole from a local supermarket. pictures of two men that stole from a shop-rite in the english creek shopping center last week. the two men were dropped off separately, they took a television and left without paying, they both got into the same car that dropped them off. investigators are asking anyone with information to please contact them. >> still ahead here, another hack attack, targets people's credit card information and a popular sandwich chain, and a nationwide manhunt leads to the man accused in a college student's disappear an and as we goes before a judge, police make a new request that could help
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well the plan suspected in the disappearance of a virginia college student made his first appearance in court today. and they are moving close to the judge with him they have not fountd hannah graham. >> he was arrested because of his ties to graham's disappear an. >> he is a fugitive and justice warrant. >> the 32-year-old will now be transferred back to virginia. surveillance video shows he was with graham on september 15th the day she disappeared. witnesses say he bought drinks all night for the university of virginia student. they finally found him thanks to a strok of luck. >> the hero is a deputy with the galveston county sheriff's office. >> he found matthew camping on a beach. police don't know why he chose
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to hide in that spot. the search is still on for graham, and police say they need help to track her down. >> we are asking every person within the sound of my voice to help us find hannah graham. >> police in virginia just specifically asked for help from real teres they are asking people to check properties for any sign of hannah graham. the third american aid worker affected by ebola is released from the hospital now, the cdc cleared him of that deadly disease and president obama spoke to the united nations about the outbreak saying that west africa is in desperate need of help. especially liberia. the president pledged 3,000 troops and a billion dollars to help build treatment centers and
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other countries to bring doctors and technicians to treat the sick. the market took a beating today, the dow dropped 260 points to close below 17,000, the nasdaq dropped and so did the s&p. the sandwich chain jimmy johns is the latest company to come under attack from hackers, someone stole customer credit card data and debit cards. they were able to take the information from credit card readers from june until september of this year. that means the only cards affected were the ones that were swiped at stores, jimmy johns has several locations in our area but the only one affected by the breach is on main street in newark delaware. fewer borrowers are defaulting on their federal loans, according to the
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department of education, they say that 13.7% of students defaulted within three years of their payments. it's an improvement of last year's rate of 14.7%. borrowers go into default after they miss payment for 270 days. now lets go to traffic report with matt pellman. >> you may feel like it will take you many days to get home. a long, slow ride home on this thursday. we are looking live at delco, the good news is a crash in the northbound lanes by the villanova interchange that just cleared out. all northbound lanes have reopened coming up from broomall, and the southbound is slower, a 36 minute ride from the schuylkill, double what it should be. a lot of volume moving slowly on
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the wet road. a crash at new garden road at star road and one involving an overturned vehicle along stoney lane at cold steam creamery road. on the big picture, speeds are down on the schuylkill and 95 and we had a broke and down vehicle on the ramp from the schuylkill to bring gardidn't but still a crash on the kelly drive, the mlk on the other side may be a better bet for you this afternoon. in gloucester citizenship a wreck at summerdale road and lamp post lane and an accident on the new jersey turn pick approaching exit 3, for the black horse pike just a shoulder squeezing by. and now to the ipad for the commuter report. if are you coming south on the turnpike, bail out bru reach exit 4 for 73 or stay on 295,
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but speeds there are in the teens and in some cases 30s. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> all right. thank you matt. it is flu shot season and the debate many people have this time each and every year whether that shot really works. today there may be a definitive answer, rick williams is live in the newsroom with more. >> thank you, that is right consumer reports tackle that question, does the flu shot work, the answer can vary depending on the able, the flu vaccine prevents illness 60% of time for the people under 60 and half of that for people over 65. and for children the spray is better than the shot. there is more than one type of vaccine to choose from. and health reporter ali gorman
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has the report for you don't on "action news" beginning at 5:00. until then back to you in the studio. >> thank you rick. still ahead at 4:00, adam is back with a look at the full accuweather forecast. >> and lindsay lohan makes her debut on stage, and what she did in her first performance has everyone talking. the new smart design has the layout for any device no matter how big or small the screen might be. check it
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well, you know it the skies were gray today but the future is looking bright at longwood gardens, today officials unveiled their plans and realized their plans to revitalize the historic main fountain garden with innovative
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designs, the $90 million project begins next month with the plan to complete the work by next year. the beautiful place will get even more so. >> time now for the accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph is live at the big board. and when you overlook the gardens it reminds me of paris. as we look at future tracker, we'll brighten the sky later on and over the weekend. future tracker showing some light drizzle but at least the heavy rain pushed out and it's still relatively wet, north and west of philadelphia and the lehigh valley we are beginning to dry out and south and east we see heavy rain early this afternoon and patchy drizzle at glassboro through millville and 49 as you head towards salem.
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and some patchy drizzle but nothing so heavy, drier there at the present time. we are still seeing some of the showers and again because the low is closer to the coast and temperatures warmed this afternoon we have some visibility issues down to 2.5 mills and rehoboth beach and dover. and patchy drizzle overnight tonight. 62 in allentown as well as trenton and at the shore, temperatures hit around 70 earlier, we are backing off into the mid-60s at the prnt time. the low is off the coast moving south of new england and off to sea and the rain showers break up in southern new england at boston and cape cod and we see the clouds ripping apart between washington and baltimore and by 10:00 we can try to clear the sky to the south, if we clear the sky with the damp ground, we can see the fog become an issue
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tomorrow morning. by 11:30 in the morning we start to clear it out and lingering clouds at the shore and it will clear there in the afternoon. spooking of the afternoon, future tracker, 77 in philadelphia as well as allentown 74 degrees, just above normal with the returning sun. as we look at the forecast, it's cloudy and breezy with areas of fog and 57 in dover, 55, and your four day at 4:00, tomorrow 77 with morning clouds east of philadelphia ripping away to full sunshine and then a gorgeous weekend, saturday and sunday summer-like, full sun 82 to 88 degrees, we stay at 80 on monday. so this damp dreary thursday, looking at the four day it puts a smile on everybody's face. something else this weekend in atlantic city, can you board
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it and if you love it you can d buy it, the atlantic city in water boat show kicked off today from motor yachts to sports cruisers and boating enthusiasts got to pick up models, the boat show
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it is time now for the buzz, troubled actress, lindsay lohan is making her theater performance in london. apparently she was not the only actor for this performance of speed the plow to flub, but her first time on the stage is being called a bust. >> we are calling it tgit. thank god it's thursday, a trifecta of hits, starting at 8:00 with "grey's anatomy" and
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"scandal" at 9:00 and where is the world is olivia pope and a brand new show, called "how to get away with murder," the two time oscar nominee viola davis, plays a top defense attorney that bring a group of elite students to work at her law f m firm. davis says she took the role because it takes her out of her comfort zone. >> don't consider myself a leader or flashy but at 49 i'm ready to step into who i am. >> the show is based here in philadelphia and parts of bryn mawr college campus was used as part of the law school. it's on at 10:00 after grays and scandal, and join in our three hour epic twitter watch party using the #~ 6 abc tgit.
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>> it's getting hugely positive reviews, i can't wait. >> i'm in. have you to start at 8:00 and watch all the way through. you in? >> still ahead here, nurses save lives every day but one nurse was honored for how and why they did it. we'll explain. >> and we are telling you about the giant just for friends consignment sale, how do you know that the deals are really as good as they seem. saving with 6 abc gives four comparison apps to the test. and parking wars, a jersey jeep owner gave a message to the
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot and brian taff. hello again, 4:30 and "action news" continues with the reason one entrepreneur is trying to convince businessmen to take their fashion cues from babies. >> and a presurgery pep talk that is both heart warming and heart-wrenching, you won't want to miss the way a local guy turned nfl player pumped up his little girl as they prepared for the cancer fight of her life. >> and later it sounds like a horror movie, a woman is chased
4:30 pm
out of her home by an intruder, desperate she heads to the roof to hide but had no idea an intruder was there behind her.f how this nightmare ended straight ahead. >> in montgomery county, a father endured something unimaginable. he came face-to-face of the man accused of killing his baby and mother. this is video of showing how he stabbed the 60-year-old woman after kidnapping his granddaughter and that baby was founded soon after and nearly two years later, is he representing himself at his capital murder trial. david henry was in the courtroom as the accused killer cross exam ed his alleged victims family. >> it's a day of heart breaking and emotional testimony, the
4:31 pm
parents of baby saanvi had to recount that awful day two years ago when they last saw their baby and grandmother alive. >> he made the horrible discovery in his king of prussia apartment. he went home to check on his baby and mother because she was not answering the phone. he immediately saw his mother sprawled in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor, his 10-month-old daughter, saanvi was gone, he found ransom notes demanding $50,000 and after days of searching baby saanvi was found in one of the basements. he later confessed and was video taped describing how he did it. he has since recanted that confession and is representing himself at his murder trial. he showed no expression when
4:32 pm
first he testified and then his wife, and both sobbed uncontrollably at times. he lost both his baby and mother ended his testimony saying no one should experience this, it shouldn't happen to anyone, he stared straight ahead, when he was asked when his mother was hired that made it necessary for his mother to baby sit his daughter. >> she is now finishing up her testimony, she said god bless my baby and broke down into sobs uncontrollably forcing the judge to give a recess so she could compose herself. >> absolutely heart-wrenching, thank you david. a 34-year-old buck county man is behind bars accused of
4:33 pm
sexually and mentally abusing a little girl over the course of several years. steven doddson jr. started assaulting the child in 2005 when she was just 5 years old and it ended in 2007 when he raped her, doddson is accused of killing the child's kitten to keep her quiet. a police officer narrowly escaped getting shot when someone shot at his patrol car in pemberton township. it was parked at norcross lane. the man was sitting in the drivers seat at the time and it's unclear if the gunman planned to hit that car. police want ta hear from anyone that has any information. there will be no jail time for a south philadelphia mother who carried her legally owned
4:34 pm
gun across state lines into new jersey, at a hearing today. shanine allen was excepted into a pretrial program, she has to forfeit her weapon, and she thought she was facing three years, she said the atlantic county prosecutor wanted to make an example out of here. she pointed out that the same prosecutor allowed former raven star, ray rice, to walk free after punching his wife. he had a change of in this case. philadelphia police are looking for a man that used an unusual weapon to hold up a center city dunkin' donuts, this is surveillance video from chase and chestnut. the man pretended he would order but went around the corner and pulled out a hypodermic needle.
4:35 pm
when she hesitated to open the cash register, he grabbed her arm and threat anded to stab her. no one was hurt. officers are looking for a man that burglarized the same holmesburg computer store twice in one night. the camera shat captured the man shattering the window and he reached inside and grabbed things from the display window and then the man returned wearing different closed and then climbed into the store to steal equipment. if you recognize the burglary suspect or the man that robbed the dunkin' donuts call philadelphia police. the overnight heavy rain left some drivers with a messy morning commute for the first time in quite a while today. in wilmington a classic video game came to life in the after imagine of the storm, check out that little squirrel playing his
4:36 pm
own version of frogger, the little guy dodged on coming traffic and lept through high water on market street making it to the other side of the road. you go little squirrel guy. >> kudos for the photographer for noticing the little guy and following him with his camera. >> one happy rodent. >> and he got a bath on top of it all. speaking of the much needed rain it's been almost a month we have seen this month rain in one storm. we needed it and we are kicking it out before the weekend. the clouds are lingering over center city now, 63 degrees and the dew point 59 and the winds are out of the north at 12 miles per hour with the pressure of 30.24 and there you can see the winds moving out of the north-northeast with the low off the coast, 12 miles per hour, so breezy for philadelphia and wilmington and the shore 12 and 15 miles per hour. notice the winds to the north
4:37 pm
and west, 8 and reading at 6 miles per hour. stormtracker 6 live double scan, as we scan around, you get a clean scan every 48 seconds, so it's pretty much up to date. can you see the green between philadelphia, vineland and wilmington. just some lingering drizzle, the sun is returning and summer like temperatures in the seven-day forecast. >> love it. thanks very much. lets take a live look inside of the white house now, this is the state room inside of the white house and that is attorney general, eric holder, there doing what we told you, announcing his resignation, something he finalized with the president over labor day weekend. the first african-american to hold the job. and now he made clear he was not forced aside but this is his decision and he will hold this job until his replacement is found and put into place. mothers to be were invited
4:38 pm
to a special celebration in delaware county today. keystone first hosted a community baby shower at chester city hall this morning. women were able to sign up for medical checkups and dental screenings and collect information on pregnancy health. they hope to throw this baby shower again next year and for many years to come. well, you know nurses save lives every day but one nurse was honored for how and where she did it. mary beth malarky jumped into the action when she saw radnor school bus driver laying on the ground unresponsive. he was turning blue and had no pulse, essentially dying before her eyes, the home health nurse immediately began cpr, paramedics say that saved his life. >> it makes me feel great. i'm glad that tim is coming along and i wish him well and i
4:39 pm
hop that his recovery is speedy. >> for the quick thinking and professionalism, her employer joined today to present mary beth a certificate of their thanks. >> still ahead. love your pajamas but hate looking like a slob, a solution in the form of an office appropriate onesy. >> plus the pep talk that could motivate the toughest nfl players but the speech was reserved for a fight off the field, his little girl is fighting cancer at chop. >> you won't want to miss that. >> and what happens to parking lot hogs in new jersey, they get owned. the jeep versus corvette video going viral. >> and the jeep won.
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[ maniacal laughter ] pumpkin's back! pumpkin is back at dunkin' donuts. enjoy all your pumpkin-y favorites like the new pumpkin creme brulee latte.
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a california actress known for bit parts is known around the world for starring in her own horror store movie. this is video of her crawling under her eve, wearing only a flannel shirt after a 29-year-old homeless lan broke into her home. that ib truder chased rivera on to the roof and was feet away from her when she called 911. police' rived in minutes helping victim and intruder off the roof, a rattle the rivera went back inside and the home invader was hauled off to jail. now the big talkers and a. talk from one heck of a dad whose daughter is having surgery to remove a tumor today. this is devin still and his 4-year-old daughter leah, he went to high school in wilmington and is a penn state
4:43 pm
grad. little leah is battling a form of childhood cancer, and still is posting inextra gram pictures helping to keep her spirits high, pumpkin picking and going to the movies and he posted his presurgery pep talk about the caption i might be scared beyond words but i will never legality her see it. i'm going to ask you again i'm ready for today, you ready for today? lets get this cancer up out of you. lets do it. >> i get chilled watching that. leah has undergone several rounds of chemo and they signed him to the practice squad after releasing him so they could afford the bills. he was being that guy, a corvette owner so intent on
4:44 pm
protecting his prize possession hogged two spots so the jeep wanted to steve him a lesson, he parked his big, dirty truck next to the corvette. he recorded the owner looking at his car. that has more than 8 million views, finally it's where the sharp dressed man meets the sharp dressed baby, the infant onesy, called suitsy, can you be office and power meeting ready with just one zip. developed by jessie herzog, it's a one piece suit with dress thirty, pants, and a fake sleeve attached to it and the belt is also attached and it's machine washable, if it gets enough votes it moves into the crowd funding stage, but the tie is not included i'm assuming that you can change the look.
4:45 pm
you only have the one suitsy. >> you have any idea how that would change my life. i won even shower, just zip it up. alicia thank you. lets get a check of the rides right now. >> matt pellman is in the traffic center with an update. >> good afternoon brian and shirleen, the ride home may not suit your fancy, it's a mess here in camden county, on the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike, an earlier vehicle fire blocking all lanes for a time and still blocking the right lane and still a substantial delay, coming south of exit 4, route 73, you could stay over on 295 southbound speeds there in the teens and 20s and the northbound side of 295 in mount laurel, a crash and debris spill but that is mostly
4:46 pm
off to the side but causing slowing, instead of the highways in south jersey, stick with evesham road, that is a possible alternate. in morris river township, a wreck northbound at 55 and newark, a downed pole and wires is closing the road, stick with iron side road. we are drying out along the vine street expressway but not moving so well, the eastbound side had an earlier broken down vehicle, that is causing heavy delays. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. meteorologist,
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4:49 pm
we were just discussing adam on his facebook page, he put a throw back picture of you from the 80s drawing a weather map. >> from weather club i was in in middle school. >> weather club ha, ha, ha. >> really rick? any way. it's in my blood and it as you has been, and i get thrilled on days like today because i get to talk about rain. it's raining on my parade now that rick is in the studio. and raining on rittenhouse square and as we look at double scan live radar. it's all good. we look at green on the radar, south and east of the i-95 corridor, that batch of light showers and even patchy drizzle, especially along 55, through the expressway and camden county, and the western part of the
4:50 pm
atlantic county we have a batch of showers as well. that we are dealing with on i-95 and 130 and florence and bristol, dealing with light showers, 62 in allentown and 62 in millville, it's a very raw evening with the left over clouds and the showers and the northeasterly wind driven in on the western side of that departing coastal low, heading south of new england, the clouds are starting to break up to the west and they continue to break up here tomorrow from the west to the east, with the sunshine returning as the low departs, high pressure comes in 77 degrees and this high to the north typically in the fall brings cool air from canada and not this high, it will be spectacular. nice and warm and full sunshine on saturday, up to 82 degrees, so the return of some summer-like conditions coming in friday and over the weekend. and perfect timing for nascar and dover at the monster mile,
4:51 pm
the qualifying rounds 66 and turning sunny and saturday and sunday, no bumps in the pavement, with temperatured around 80 to 81 degrees, as we look at the forecast, cloudy and breezy and drizzle and 50s in the suburbs and 57 for center city, your exclusive accuweather forecast, breaking from quick sunshine tomorrow 77 and low 80s for saturday and sunday, get out and enjoy and do some apple picking or get a pumpkin with the kids. and on monday, not as bright and clouds come in and warm at 80 degrees and sun and cooler at 75 and then more seasonable wednesday and thursday, overall looking dry next week with temperatures between 74 and 76 degrees. >> all right. thank you adam. saving wit
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4:54 pm
a mommy blogger is putting her savings app to the test with the consignment sale in okays. amy buckman hads the story. >> we are telling you about the just friends consignment sale that happens twice a year. how do you know these deals are great, well there is an app for that. mary the blogger for thank you honey, there are two apps she used for comparison shopping and we put them to the test at giant kids consignment sale. we tested red laser on this little tikes t-ball set.
4:55 pm
>> we saved $4 already! >> and she likes this one. >> we are just going to scan it. it works basically the same way as red laser. >> it's a pricey item. $37.80 how much are you getting it for? >> $30. >> it's a great deal. >> shop savvy we checked out on this diaper champ, scans bar codes to check prices. >> it will let you set alerts for when it goes on sale, follow it and like it and read reviews. finally, for items without a bar code, honey uses the amazon price checker. >> just hold it over the product. >> you just take a picture of it? >> it does it automatically with the sparkles there. >> the puzzle retails for $13
4:56 pm
and the sale is just $5. >> the sale runs from 5:00 until 8:00 and continues through sunday, and we'll give you directions on our 6 abc page at finally at 4:00, a dad in the czech republic found the most adorable way to bond with his toddler. ♪ ♪ yep after showing him a series of impressive moves, his 20-month-old clearly enthralled claps and giggles and he can't wait to imitate and thinks he is following his moves flawlessly and then he spins around and falls down. until then we'll enjoy a baby breaking it down like his daddy. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli, and
4:57 pm
adam joseph i'm brian taff, shirleen and i along with ducis rogers and adam joseph are back for an hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> here is rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead. >> it's that time of year to get your flu shot. consumer reports reveals which ones works best for certain age groups. >> and sharrie williams has information on a man's life that was saved at the philadelphia
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. developing news tonight from washington, d.c., the nation's top law enforcement official is stepping down. attorney general, eric holder, has decided to resign and the big story is the major change in the obama administration, he made the announcement a short time ago, holder is the first black attorney general and has been on the job for six years
5:00 pm
and plans to remain in the justice department until his successor is in place. obama praised the job that holder has done. >> he believes as i do, that justice is not just an abstract theory, it's a living and breathing principle. >> i will leave the department of justice but i will never, never leave the work. i will continue to serve and find ways to make our nation more true to its founding ideals. >> holder say former judge and prosecutor, and the fourth long evident serving attorney general in history. and news out of chicago where a huge fire has ignited and as can you see continued to erupt here. huge flames and thick smoke on chicago's w